AMEC Industry Awards

Each year AMEC presents a number of industry awards to recognise the outstanding contributors to the mineral exploration and mining industry.

AMEC Prospector Award

The prestigious AMEC Prospector Award for individual endeavour in the field of mineral exploration was first presented in 1993. It is awarded to the individual/s who made the most outstanding mineral deposit discovery within recent years. The award is made in recognition of the discovery itself, as well as those that discovered it, rather than the company. View Award Winners

AMEC Environment Award

The award reflects the increasing importance of managing environmental impacts of mineral mining and exploration projects. It is made to a company that goes above and beyond in their management of environmental impacts or is developing innovative methods to achieve better long term environmental outcomes. The criteria for the award are relevance to mineral exploration and mining projects; degree of innovation from current/past processes and potential benefit or significance to industry. View Award Winners

AMEC Community Contribution Award

This  new award reflects the increasing importance of partnerships between mineral exploration and mining companies and the communities they operate in. It is intended to raise the profile of companies who are collaborating with the community in emerging and established partnerships to provide sustainable and enduring benefits to communities. It is also intended to highlight the importance of working together through partnerships that are a true collaboration and build capacity long-term.  

AMEC Media Award

The AMEC Media Awards have been running since 1985 and recognise excellence in journalism covering the Australian mineral exploration and mining industry. Over the years many prominent and upcoming journalists have been awarded. Articles are awarded for their clarity, relevance, quality of research, level of impact on industry stakeholders and overall benefit to the mining and mineral exploration industry. View Award Winners

AMEC Prospector Award Winners

2016 - Ian Sandl, Mike Taylor and Ian Mulholland for the Teena Zinc-Lead Project
2015 - Ziggy Lubieniecki, Kyle Prentice and Justin Osborne for the Gruyere Gold Project
2014 - Allan Kelly and Heath Hellewell for the Wilber Lode and Andy Well Gold Project
2013 - Mark Bennett for the Nova and Bollinger discoveries in Western Australia
2012 - Brett Keillor and Bruce Kendall for the Tropicana gold discovery in Western Australia
2011 - Rodolfo (Rudy) Gomez for the Carrapateena copper-gold discovery in South Australia
2010 - Margaret Hawke, John Evans, Graeme Hutton for the DeGrussa (Doolgunna) Deposit, Western Australia
2009 - Bill Amann, Adrian Black & Kevin Frost for the Spotted Quoll Deposit, Western Australia
2008 - David Brunt, Geoffrey McConachy and Andrea Marsland Smith for the Mile Uranium Deposit, South Australia
2007 - Anthony Howland-Rose, Lindsay Newnham and David Deitz for the Discovery of the Avebury Nickel Deposit and the Tasmanian Nickel Province
2004 - Geoff Blackburn and Denis O' Meara for the Wingina One and Turner River Gold Discoveries
2003 - Dr Tony Belperio and Derek Carter for the Prominent Hill copper/gold discovery
2002 - Dr Mark Bennett for the Thunderbox and Waterloo Discoveries
2000 - Tony Rovira and Terry Grammer for the Cosmos Nickel Deposit
1999 -  Wally Bucknell for the Centenary discovery and a number of discoveries around the Plutonic Gold Mine
1998 -  Brett Keillor for the Plutonic, Indee and Keillor (Marymia district) gold discoveries
1997 -  Jeff Ion for the Sunrise Dam gold and Nimbus base metal/silver discoveries in Western Australia
1994 -  Bruce Nisbet and Craig Williams for the Ernest Henry copper-gold discovery in Queensland and the Nimary Bore gold discovery in Western Australia
1993 -  Mark Creasy for the Bronzewing gold discovery in Western Australia 

AMEC Environment Award Winners

2018 - Soilwater Group for the Application of ground-based LIDAR
2017 - Sinosteel Midwest Corporation & Botanical Gardens and Parks Authority for Leading practice in Banded Iron Formation restoration
2016 -    Roy Hill Holding for their project to minimise the impact to mangroves in Port Hedland
2015 -    Mineral Resources Limited (MRL) for Biodiversity modelling for environmental assessment of resource development in the BIFs of South-Western Australia
2014 -    AMC for the Solids Removal Unit (SRU)

AMEC Media Awards Winners

AMEC Online/Digital Media Award - Jarrod Lucas,  Report, ABC Online for the article “Australia’s major gold miners digging deeper underground in hunt for major discoveries”
AMEC Print Media Award - Mark Andrews, Deputy Editor, Paydirt Media for A downstream flood: Can Australia build a battery industry?
AMEC Online/Digital Media Award - Kristie Batten, for her article on Lithium
AMEC Print Media Award - Dominic Piper, Paydirt Media for his article in the Gold Mining Journal titled “Collaboration, innovation and the future of exploration”
AMEC Online/Digital Media Award - Angela Kean, Senior Reporter, S&P Global for her article titled “FIFO jobs tighten on mining slump, large-scale projects coming online”
AMEC Print Media Award - Ron Berryman, Freelance Journalist, for The West Australian, Diggers & Dealers Gold Rush feature
AMEC Online/Digital Media Award - Angela Kean, Senior Reporter, SNL Metals & Mining for her article titled “FIFO jobs tighten on mining slump, large-scale projects coming online”
AMEC Print Media Award - Jasmine Bamford, Chief of Staff and Resources Reporter, Kalgoorlie Miner for the series of articles on shire rate notices for exploration licenses
AMEC Online/Digital Media Award - Kathryn Diss, ABC Reporter for the nomination: Mining Automation, aired on the ABC TV 730 WA program 2014
AMEC Print Media Award - Dominic Piper, Paydirt Media Editor for the nomination: Out of the gloom, published in Australia’s Paydirt magazine, July 2013
Print Journalism Award for Newspaper - Luke Forrestal of the Australian Financial Review for his article “Sirius’ star may be super-Nova” featured in the Australian Financial Review on 2 January 2013. An honorary mention goes to Jarrod Lucas of the Kalgoorlie Miner for his article “Mining boss laments loss of productivity” in the May 2013 Kalgoorlie Miner.
Print Journalism Award for Magazine - Ron Berryman for his series on Australian Mining Towns published in the April, May and June 2013 editions of Australia’s Mining Monthly magazine.
Electronic Media Award – Kristie Batten of Aspermont for a series of online articles published on “Iron ore’s fall from grace” published 18 December 2012; “New normal for gold reporting” published 16 January 2013; “Sirius the dazzling star of 2012” published 20 December 2012
Joe Keeling Award - Nick Sas of The West Australian, for a series of articles – “Nuclear pull is debatable” featured in The West Australian on 14 January 2013, and “Hopes rest on heavily discounted raising” featured in The West Australian on 20 February 2013.