About AMEC

We are an industry association representing over 250 member companies across Australia. Our members are explorers, emerging miners, producers, and a wide range of businesses working in and for the industry. We are a strong, effective and influential organisation that provides industry advocacy at national and state levels, value and benefit to our members, while building community support.


Our vision is that the interests of explorers, emerging miners, and producers are a high priority for governments, and are supported and valued by the community. We are

  • Representing over 250 member companies across Australia
  • Actively promoting our industry to the public and community
  • Fiercely defending the interests of our members
  • Enabling our members to have many opportunities to connect
How we are doing it
  • Advocating on behalf of our members and industry to all levels of government
  • Explaining our industry through campaigns and education
  • Hosting exclusive events across Australia on leading edge industry topics
  • Providing reliable strategic advice on a wide range of issues
  • Developing innovative and solution driven policy