AMEC Council

The Association and its strategic affairs are governed by the AMEC Council consisting of 16 industry leaders elected from our membership. Council elections are held annually and Councillors are drawn from all facets of the mineral exploration and mining industry around Australia.
  • Peter Bradford /images/Council/Peter%20Bradford.jpg Peter Bradford AMEC President
  • Bruce Fulton /images/Council/Bruce%20Fulton_web.jpg Bruce Fulton AMEC Vice President
  • Jim Beyer /images/Council/Jim%20Beyer.jpg Jim Beyer AMEC Vice President
  • Campbell Baird /images/Council/Campbell%20Baird.jpg Campbell Baird AMEC Treasurer
  • Will Robinson /images/Council/Will%20Robinson.jpg Will Robinson Councillor
  • Chris Reed /images/Council/Chris%20Reed_2018%20cropped.jpg Chris Reed Councillor
  • Adrian Larking /images/Council/Adrian%20Larking.jpg Adrian Larking Councillor
  • Shannon McMahon /images/council/Shannon_McMahon_Web.jpg Shannon McMahon Councillor
  • Dr Vanessa Guthrie /images/Council/Dr%20Vanessa%20Guthrie.jpg Dr Vanessa Guthrie Councillor
  • Tim Langmead /images/Council/Tim%20Langmead.jpg Tim Langmead Councillor
  • Dr Kevin Cassidy /images/Council/Dr%20Kevin%20Cassidy.jpg Dr Kevin Cassidy Councillor
  • Darren Walker /images/Council/Darren%20Walker.jpg Darren Walker Councillor
  • Steve Jukes /images/Council/Steve%20Jukes.jpg Steve Jukes Councillor
  • Bronwyn Barnes /images/Council/Bronwyn%20Barnes.jpg Bronwyn Barnes Councillor
  • Kristy Sell /images/Council/Kristy%20Sell_web.jpg Kristy Sell Councillor
  • Ian Murray /images/Council/Ian%20Murray_cropped%20web.jpg Ian Murray Councillor