Mining is a pillar of the New South Wales (NSW) economy. Over the four years to 2021-22, the mining sector will deliver a total of $7.4 billion royalties revenue to the New South Wales State Budget. This equates to approximately half the State’s surplus or the whole of the new spending on education or health. The strong return mining provides to the community in jobs, revenues and royalties underlines the reliance of New South Wales on a strong mining sector.

NSW has a proud mining past, including the site of the first payable gold discovery in Australia at Ophir. Today our mining future is bright with rich reserves in a diverse range of minerals, especially in the minerals of the future. The recent release by the NSW Government of the NSW Minerals Strategy signals strong Government support for the sector and AMEC is working with government to ensure the action items are delivered within timeframes to maximise NSW resources to benefit the people of NSW. 

AMEC’s work in NSW

NSW Budget released
NSW Treasurer Perrottet delivered the NSW Budget on June 18 with an increase in revenue from mineral royalties that assisted to ensure that the State continues to deliver on commitments and a budget surplus, even with significant reductions in income from stamp duty and GST. When delivering the Budget, the Treasurer acknowledged a miner and stated “He knows, just as we do, how much we depend on miners for their contribution to our economy. And just how much they depend on us to do the right thing, with policies that help, rather than hurt”. AMEC is working with the Ministry and Government to deliver on Treasurer Perrottet’s commitment to “help rather than hurt” the NSW minerals industry. AMEC provided returning Treasurer Perrottet with a Pre-Budget submission with recommendations including fully resourcing the delivery of the NSW Minerals Strategy and annual funding for an extended Co-operative Drilling  Program.

Template and guide for land access for exploration in NSW
AMEC has been strongly advocating in recent Government meetings to update the current Government template for land access to ensure it is aligned with the current legislative requirements. This is now being heard by Government but as the process is understood to take time, AMEC is drafting a guidance document for members.

Women in Mining Mentoring AMEC scholarship announced
The AMEC scholarship for participation in the NSW WIMnet Mentoring Program was announced at the Program Launch Event. The scholarship is to support a place in this program for a woman from the exploration or emerging miner sector. AMEC also supports the program by providing a mentor. The program offers women individual mentoring in a structured process that includes comprehensive professional matching and has proven results.

Nominations open for geoscience student/s for AMEC scholarship
AMEC is offering student/s scholarship for the Mines and Wines – Discoveries in the Tasmanides Conference 25-28 September 2019 in Wagga Wagga. The scholarship is for geoscience student/s to participate in this important biennial conference that draws key companies from the sector.

Successful AMEC NSW Native Title Workshop 
Allens hosted a workshop for AMEC members on 14 May covering Native Title and Aboriginal cultural heritage and what they mean for the minerals industry. The workshop was presented by Naomi Bergman and Ben Zillmann with
excellent feedback from participants, especially on the issue of compensation following the recent Timber Creek decision.

AMEC Land Access Workshop for Exploration- Getting on the Ground.
Johnson, Winter and Slattery will host this workshop for minerals industry members on Wednesday 31 July in Sydney that will include presentations from Government, legal and community consultation experts as well as case studies from NSW explorers to ensure that participants will leave with what they need to know to get on the ground and explore in NSW. This session is not to be missed! Register here.

NSW Policy Platform

NSW Advisory Committees
The NSW Advisory Committee provides advice to the AMEC Council and Executive and develops policy on state specific issues related to mining and exploration, and other issues that may impact on the Association’s membership.
Our Advisory Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Mr Bruce Fulton  

Events in NSW
AMEC runs a wide range of events in NSW each year for the benefit the industry and our members. Events include seminars, investor briefings and exclusive member-only events such as sundowners, boardroom lunches, seminars, and information briefings. To find out more about events in NSW, please see our events page.

Membership in NSW
AMEC membership is open to all companies working in and for the mineral exploration and mining industry. Full membership is for mineral explorers, emerging producers and miners, with Associate membership open to companies who service the mining and mineral exploration industry. Whether your organisation provides legal services, undertakes drilling, financial advice, or other services that support our industry, you can be an AMEC associate member. 

To learn more about our work and the benefits of membership in NSW, please contact the NSW Manager Lucy McClean, or AMEC Membership and Business Development Manager Richard Aguilera