Standing and Advisory Committees & Working Groups

Industry based standing committees and working groups ensure our many policies and advocacy initiatives are focused. The views of member companies are integral to policy positions adopted and implemented by AMEC. If you are interested in joining an AMEC Committee or Working Group please contact the Association. Your organisation must be a current AMEC Member to participate.. Find out more about becoming an AMEC Member, help shape AMEC’s Policy Positions and represent your industry.


Our Committees serve an integral role in ensuring that AMEC’s policies and statements in all jurisdictions reflect the best possible outcomes for industry. The broad range of industry skills and extensive expertise of our committee members and their willingness to provide a wide variety of opinion and advice to AMEC is one of our key strengths. AMEC considers that it is the people on-the-ground that interact with relevant government policy and decision makers on a day-to-day basis are in the best position to shape AMEC’s policy initiatives. If you are interested in joining a committee please click here to contact AMEC. The Committees meet quarterly to discuss furthering policy reform and respond to issues affecting the sector. AMEC's Committees include:

  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Environment and Water
  • Corporate regulation and tax
  • Mining Legislation
  • Safety


AMEC has Advisory Committees in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory, and are establishing a Victorian Advisory Committee, which support the framing and delivery of AMEC’s policy approach in each of these jurisdictions. The committees are formed around a core group of members with an investment in mineral exploration and mining in the relevant jurisdiction. AMEC relies on the views and opinions of this group to shape its policy responses to Government and Ministers. The Advisory Committees meet regularly to discuss furthering policy reform and respond to issues affecting the sector.

  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia


AMEC forms working groups to progress a policy response for a commodity or on a specific issue. These groups ensure that our policies and advocacy initiatives represent the industry's views. AMEC's current working groups include:

  • Graphite
  • Lithium & Battery Minerals
  • Potash
  • Uranium
  • ASX
  • Energy
 These working groups discuss furthering policy reform and respond to issues affecting the sector.