AMEC Staff

At AMEC we are proud to employ some of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. Our team is passionate about what we do and bring together valuable and varied experience.
  • Warren Pearce /images/amec/staff%20pics/Warren.jpg Warren Pearce Chief Executive Officer
  • Graham Short /images/staff/Big%20G%20website.jpg Graham Short Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Kate Dickson /images/amec/staff%20pics/Kate.jpg Kate Dickson Manager | Queensland
  • Lucy McClean /images/amec/staff%20pics/Lucy.jpg Lucy McClean Manager | New South Wales, Victoria & Tasmania
  • Denyse McClements /images/amec/staff%20pics/Denyse.jpg Denyse McClements Manager | National Events
  • Neil van Drunen /images/amec/staff%20pics/Neil.jpg Neil van Drunen Manager | Industry Policy, Northern Territory & South Australia
  • Ruth MacIntyre-Bardell /images/amec/staff%20pics/Ruth.jpg Ruth MacIntyre-Bardell Manager | Media and Communications
  • Anne Marie Doig /images/amec/staff%20pics/AM.jpg Anne Marie Doig Executive Assistant, Office Manager