Mineral exploration and mining have played a significant part in Victoria’s history and development  for over 160 years  since gold was first found near Clunes in 1850.  The sector produces a variety of commodities, including brown coal, gold, mineral sands copper, lead, zinc, antimony, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, lithium and nickel. Gold exploration and mining in particular are a noteworthy part of the Victorian mining industry,  with 13 goldfields that have each produced more than one million ounces of gold.

The mining and associated METS sector generate substantial economic and social benefits to the state, particularly in regional Victoria. It provides job opportunities, purchases goods and services from local businesses, contributes to local charity, community and sporting opportunities, and  supports regional development.  

 The latest figures from Invest Victoria show that in 2015-16 the sector as a whole contributed $8.2 billion to the state economy and was directly responsible for around 88,000 fulltime jobs. Indirectly a further 33,700 jobs and $5.4 billion benefitted the state’s economy for a total $13.6 billion, representing 4 per cent of Victoria’s economic activity. 
AMEC will continue to work with the Government and to develop the industry and capitalise on the State’s earth resources.  

AMEC’s work in Victoria

Gold Royalties
AMEC has strongly protested the Victorian Government’s recent surprise Budget announcement to remove the exemption for gold from royalties on 1 January 2020, and impose a gold royalty rate of 2.75 percent of the net market value of gold production for mines producing over 2, 500 ounces. The royalty grab was made with no consultation with industry and is disastrous news for Victoria’s recovering gold industry and threatens jobs and regional communities.
AMEC believes the Victorian government has significantly overestimated the strength of the gold sector, putting existing projects and jobs at risk. AMEC has pointed out that many of these projects are finely balanced with low margins, meaning that cost-saving and efficiency measures are vital to keeping their operations viable. AMEC has scheduled meetings with the Victorian Treasurer and Minister for Resources and has asked the Victorian Government to consult further with industry to understand the impacts on gold miners, explorers, drilling companies, services providers, and investment in Victoria.

New Land Access Tools for Exploration
Following consultation with AMEC last year, Earth Resources have released new voluntary land access tools for the Stavely initiative. The new templates and guidelines are being trialed to aid access land access negotiations and assist both landholders and industry parties to reach agreement on  items such as biosecurity protocols, impacts, and potential compensation.

Fit and Proper Person 
The Victorian Government implemented a new operational policy in May to assess a license applicant’s status as a ‘fit and proper person’’. It outlines the factors that must be considered when deciding to grant a licence. AMEC was consulted on the policy prior to its release and was asked to provide an endorsement for the policy. The key objectives of the ‘Operational Policy – Assessment of Fit and Proper Persons’ is to give assurance to farmers, landholders and the wider community that operators will fulfill their regulatory obligations and social responsibilities; and giving guidance on how applications will be assessed to license applicants on both private and public land.

Election Policy Platform

Events in state
AMEC runs a wide range of events in Victoria   each year for the benefit the industry and our members. Events include seminars, investor briefings and exclusive member-only events such as sundowners, boardroom lunches, seminars, and information briefings. To find out more about events in state, please see our events page.

Membership in Victoria
AMEC membership is open to all companies working in and for the mineral exploration and mining industry. Full membership is for mineral explorers, emerging producers and miners, with Associate membership open to companies who service the mining and mineral exploration industry. Whether your organisation provides legal services, undertakes drilling, financial advice, or other services that support our industry, you can be an AMEC associate member. 

To learn more about our work and the benefits of membership in Queensland, please contact the Victorian   Manager Les Cox , or AMEC Membership and Business Development Manager Richard Aguilera.