2019-20 Commonwealth Pre-Budget Submission

February 2019

1. Implement the recommendations of the Resources 2030 Taskforce.
2. The Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI) be rolled over for another four years to 2024/25 with an allocation of $50m per annum.
3. A funding source is identified for the UNCOVER initiative to move forward.
4. The Commonwealth Government strongly support the lithium and battery minerals sector in order to achieve significant economic, financial and social dividends for the nation.
5. Create a Regional Australia Infrastructure Fund (RAIF).
6. The key recommendations of the Senate Red Tape Committee be implemented urgently.
7. The diesel fuel credit arrangement for the mining and mineral exploration sector is retained.
8. The Research and Development Tax Incentive remains unchanged.
9. There is no additional cost recovery on industry.
10. Australian Standards be made available to Australian businesses free of charge.

Download AMEC's Submission below