Code of Conduct for Mineral Exploration on Pastoral Leases 

The Code of Conduct for Mineral Exploration on Pastoral Leases ("the Code") is jointly endorsed by the Pastoralists & Graziers Association of WA (Inc), the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia Inc, and the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Inc), (the Signatories).
The aim of the Code is to foster and improve working relationships between pastoral leaseholders and mineral tenement holders who are permitted by the conditions of their respective leases to conduct differing activities on common ground. The Code is designed as a field guide and framework for discussion between mineral explorers and pastoral leaseholders before and during exploration.
The Code recognises that land leased for pastoral purposes remains the property of the Crown and is therefore available for multiple land use. These activities can occur simultaneously on common ground without undue interference to each other provided that the needs of each group are recognised, understood and respected. This Code illustrates how mineral exploration should be conducted on land leased for pastoral purposes.
Copies of the pocket version of the Code of Environmental Practice for Mineral Exploration in Western Australia are also available. Please contact for a copy.