Each year AMEC makes over 150 submissions and representations to Government on behalf of the industry. The most recent public submissions have been made available below. If you are unable to find the submission you are looking for, please contact AMEC on 1300 738 184.

South Australia’s Challenges and Opportunities

Posted on 7/31/2018
South Australia Resources and Energy Investment Conference speech by Warren Pearce, AMEC CEO on 31 July 2018

Treasury Laws Amendment (Research and Development Incentive) Bill 2018

Posted on 7/27/2018
The comprehensive AMEC submission in response to the draft Amendment Bill makes a number of administrative recommendations in an attempt to address some perceived integrity issues.

Explorer Newsletter

Posted on 7/4/2018
AMEC's quarterly Newsletter with latest news and industry updates, upcoming events and more.

AMEC Strategic Plan 2020

Posted on 5/31/2018
AMEC has prepared a new Strategic Plan and is pleased to share it with members.

The Path Forward to a battery minerals industry in Australia

Posted on 5/15/2018
AMEC has published The Path Forward: Supporting the development of a lithium and battery mineral industry in Australia

Further information on the JMEI

Posted on 4/13/2018
JMEI Information documents

AMEC Federal Policy Platform 2018

Posted on 3/21/2018
AMEC has developed a number of key policy priorities which need to be tackled in order to address these high-level challenges by driving increased mineral exploration activity (greenfield and brownfield), and reducing the cost of doing business in Au

Member Survey Report 2018

Posted on 3/8/2018
AMEC sought feedback from members to gain their views on the operation, performance and future direction of the Association. This report is a summary of the feedback which was used to inform the development AMEC’s Strategic Plan to 2020.

Reforms to Native Title Act

Posted on 2/28/2018
AMEC has made a comprehensive submission to the Commonwealth Government in response to proposed reforms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the native title system.

WA Pre Budget 2018-2019 Submission

Posted on 2/26/2018
This submission is focussed on Maximising the State`s Resource Potential with the primary aim of providing a long term sustainable solution to the State`s financial position. This will create additional jobs, increased royalty and other revenue strea