Past AMEC Events

AMEC Mining and Environment Conference

1 - 2  March 2017, Perth WA

The theme of the conference was to investigate the collaborative approach between industry and Government to achieve the best environmental outcomes and processes.

The Conference featured talks from State Government politicians presenting their policy positions in the lead up to the WA State Election; future environmental management in the mining industry; mine closure and rehabilitation; managing revegetation and meeting environmental obligations.

The four finalists from the 2016 AMEC Environment Award discussed their projects which featured innovations and improvements to the sector’s environmental practices. The conference closed with a discussion in whether Environmental Reform helps or hinders Productivity? 
2016 Seminars

AMEC Safety and Risk Management Seminar 

Thursday 28 April 2016

The safety and well-being of staff is important to every company. Striving to achieve an injury free work environment is key to all company directors.

The challenge of balancing the essential occupational health and safety needs with the cost of implementing them was the subject of the AMEC Safety and Risk Management Seminar.

The seminar featured talks from WA Government mine safety officers, industry bodies, mining companies and service providers who all provided practical experience regarding safety on mine sites.

AMEC Land Access and Approvals Seminar

Thursday 13 October 2016

Efficient Government approval processes are critical in ensuring the future of mineral exploration and mining projects in Western Australia.

AMEC has long been an advocate for reforms to the approvals system to ensure efficient project approvals without compromising environmental, important Aboriginal heritage, health and safety standards, or community expectations.  

This seminar discussed what can be done by Government and industry to reduce overall approval timeframes and costs, provide savings and efficiencies and increase exploration rates. The seminar covered important changes to assessment and approvals processes following recent court decisions.