More efficient environmental laws essential


Today’s announcement by the WA Government Minister Stephen Dawson of their plan to modernise the Environmental Protection Act, has been welcomed by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) as ‘essential to improving efficiency’. 

“Improving the efficiency of the WA environmental regulation framework is an essential outcome of the proposed changes,“ said Warren Pearce, Chief Executive of AMEC. 

"The proposed legislation supports the general thrust of the WA Streamline initiative which includes the outcomes of two workshops which had constructive input from key industry, government and NGO stakeholders.”

"AMEC is pleased to see a proposed inclusion of a head power for certified environmental practitioners to certify that environmental impact assessment documents meet agreed minimum standards when submitted.” 
“This proposal should result in a significant reduction in the number of applications that are referred back to the proponent for further information or additional supporting documentation.”

"Other proposed amendments will allow the Government to fully implement the assessment and approval bilateral agreements under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.” 

“This has the capacity to also significantly reduce costs to industry and government and result in a shortening of timeframes without compromising environmental values.”

"AMEC looks forward to participating in the consultation process and will be consulting with our member companies on the changes being proposed in the Discussion Paper,” said Mr Pearce.