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JMEI Information documents

Member Survey Report 2018

AMEC sought feedback from members to gain their views on the operation, performance and future direction of the Association. This report is a summary of the feedback which was used to inform the development AMEC’s Strategic Plan to 2020.

Queensland Gold Royalty Rates Discussion Paper

This paper demonstrates that Queensland is missing out as an outdated and uncompetitive royalty rate has seen gold production stagnate in the state.

A lithium Industry in Australia

The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) on behalf of its members commissioned a report “A lithium industry in Australia: A value chain analysis for downstreaming Australia’s lithium resources” by Future Smart Strategies.

Blueprint to Budget Sustainability

This Blueprint to Budget Sustainability is focussed on the Western Australian mining and mineral exploration sector in view of its overall importance to the domestic and national economies in a globally competitive environment.

Long-term forecast of Australia’s mineral production and revenue; The outlook for gold: 2017-2057

The independent MinEx Consulting Report on the forty-year outlook for the Australian gold industry reinforces the critical need for increased greenfields mineral exploration to discover the mines of tomorrow.

Explorer Newsletter

AMEC's quarterly Newsletter with latest news and industry updates, upcoming events and more.

AMEC Annual Reports

AMEC Annual Reports contain a snapshot of AMEC activities over the year including; councillors and committee members, AMEC events and financial statements.

AMEC Celebrating 30 Years 1981 - 2011

AMEC 30th anniversary commemorative book

The Code of Conduct for Mineral Exploration on Pastoral Leases

The aim of the Code is to foster and improve working relationships between pastoral leaseholders and mineral tenement holders

Code of Environmental Practice for Mineral Exploration in Western Australia

The purpose of this Code is to assist mineral explorers to identify and meet their environmental obligation and to maintain a high standard of environmental performance and responsibility.