Each year AMEC presents a number of industry awards to recognise the outstanding contributors to the mineral exploration and mining industry.


AMEC Prospector Award


The prestigious AMEC Prospector Award for individual endeavour in the field of mineral exploration was first presented in 1993. It is awarded to the individual/s who made the most outstanding mineral deposit discovery within recent years. The award recognises both the discovery and the individuals and/or geoscientific team responsible for the discovery, rather than a company.

AMEC Environment Award

The AMEC Environment Award reflects the importance of managing environmental impacts of mineral mining and exploration projects. It is made to a company that goes above and beyond in their management of environmental impacts, or is developing innovative methods to achieve better long term environmental outcomes. The criteria for the award are relevance to mineral exploration and mining projects, degree of innovation from current/past processes, and potential benefit or significance to industry.

AMEC Community Contribution Award

The Community Contribution Award reflects the critical nature of partnerships between mineral exploration and mining companies and the communities they operate in. It is intended to raise the profile of companies collaborating with the community in emerging and established partnerships, to provide sustainable and enduring benefits to communities. It is also intended to highlight the importance of working together through partnerships that are a true collaboration and build capacity long-term.

AMEC Media Award

The AMEC Media Award was first awarded in 1985 to recognise excellence in journalism covering the Australian mineral exploration and mining industry. Over the years, many prominent and upcoming journalists have been awarded. Articles are awarded for their clarity, relevance, quality of research, level of impact on industry stakeholders and overall benefit to the mining and mineral exploration industry.

AMEC Diversity & Inclusion Award

The AMEC Diversity and Inclusion Award reflects the importance of encouraging and providing for diversity and inclusion in the mining and exploration industry. It recognises a company that has made an outstanding endeavour to encourage diversity and foster inclusion in our industry. By embracing and encouraging diversity, our industry can attract and retain skilled and talented employees that contribute to a safe, inclusive, and productive mining and exploration industry in Australia.

AMEC Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Empowerment award

The AMEC Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Empowerment Award recognises extraordinary industry programs and initiatives that support and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, contractors, and their communities. The Award recognises the importance of supporting the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and to empower and create opportunities for them in the mining and exploration industry and in their communities.