AMEC is holding Council Elections in 2024. Below is a list of candidates nominated for a Full Member Council Position. To see a list of our current Councillors click here

Alex Mukherji

General Manager 
Ardea Resources Ltd

Alex Mukherji is a member of the Ardea Resources Limited executive team, as General Manager Land Access. Ardea is on the cusp of developing its Kalgoorlie Nickel Project – Goongarrie Hub, an immense, high margin +40 year nickel laterite HPAL project in WA.  

My 30 years’ experience in the resources sector commenced as a geologist in consulting roles in the UK and Germany. Following migration to Western Australia I gained valuable experience in gold mining and exploration. Twenty years ago I transitioned into management roles in land access, commercial and native title. 

Ardea strongly supports AMEC and as Ardea’s representative, I have been a regular attendee and contributor to the Mining Legislation, the Aboriginal Affairs and the Environment and Water Committees. These committees, combined with my extensive industry experience, have given me great insight into the advocacy work of AMEC and I welcome the opportunity to add value to the Council. 

Bronwyn Bell

Sustainability Manager
Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd

Bronwyn has more than 20 years experience in the resources sector. She is currently the Sustainability Manager for Albemarle Australia where her responsibilities include environment, heritage and approvals, including for Albemarle’s recently acquired exploration interests in WA. Prior to that, as Manager of Resource Development and Sustainability at CMEWA, she represented industry’s interests during Covid as well as in policy issues including exploration, land access and approvals.  

Bronwyn began her career at Rio Tinto, working in iron ore, diamonds, bauxite and coal over a 15 year period.  

Bronwyn has completed a Master of Business Administration / Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental). 

I love working in the resources sector and am a champion for the industry – it has been my dream career since my early teens and I feel immensely lucky and proud to have spent my entire career in mining. I have learnt and experienced so much over the past 20+ years and am excited about the opportunities in front of us as well as driven to solve the challenges we inevitably will face. These challenges will cover many of the areas I’ve been particularly focused on including environmental management, community engagement, regulatory efficiency and value creation. I believe my knowledge and experience in these areas will enable me to make a significant contribution to the future success of the Australian exploration and mining sector as a member of the AMEC Council and seek your support for my nomination. 

Craig Wilson

Managing Director
Heritage Minerals Pty Ltd

I am pleased to nominate for the AMEC CouncilI know and admire AMECI have engaged with, relied on, been supported by, and assisted AMEC for more than 10 years. I am not a full-time mining professionalBut my firm’s economic policy consulting and advisory work has me working on resource sector-related issues in Australia and around the World.

In the last seven years in Australia my corporate affairs roles (such as with Heritage Minerals) and economic analysis consulting work has occurred across jurisdictions, commodities, approvals, and myriad policy and regulatory processesI have a contemporary and acute understanding of key drivers in the Australian resources sector sphere, including critical minerals, regional structural adjustment, infrastructure supply chains, funding and finance options, labour markets, housing, royalties and taxation, economic impact assessment, and issues related to the new economy transition.

I believe I would add a useful dimension and capability to the deliberation and leadership task of the AMEC Council. 

Debbie Morrow

CEO and Managing Director
Agrimin Ltd

Debbie is the CEO and MD of Agrimin Limited and is a highly accomplished executive with extensive experience leading large-scale projects and across a range of senior corporate and sustainability roles in the energy and mining sectors. 

Following a 20 plus-year career with global oil and gas company Woodside Energy Ltd, more recently Deb was a C-Level Executive of ASX 100 mining company OZ Minerals Ltd, responsible for overseeing global development of the company’s growth projects.  

Deb is highly regarded as an authentic people-centric leader with infectious passion and energy known for tenacity for outcomes, delivery on promises, stakeholder engagement and excellent communication and change management skills. 

As a GAICD Deb holds two NFP NED positions with the Boards of Miners’ Promise and Holyoake. 

Deb says, “It would be a privilege to join the AMEC Council to serve our members and improve outcomes for the sector across our myriad stakeholders.”

Joel Turco

Chief Development Officer
Wyloo Pty Ltd

Joel Turco is the Chief Development Officer at Wyloo, a global nickel producer and mining investor with projects in Australia and Canada.  

Prior to joining Wyloo, Joel worked in Macquarie Capital’s natural resources investment banking team. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.  

With experience as a financier, investor and owner of mining businesses, I have a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities and the importance of sensible regulatory frameworks.  

Having experienced first-hand the impact of the recent decline in commodity prices, I’ve also had a front-row seat to AMEC’s advocacy on behalf of its members, and supported AMEC’s proposal for a Production Tax Credit for Australia’s downstream industry.   

As a Council member, I would value the opportunity to continue AMEC’s impactful work on behalf of its members. 

Matt Briggs

Non Executive Director
Representing Encounter Resources Ltd

I am a geologist by background with 25 years’ experience in exploration and mining in Australia and Africa. Previously Vice President of Strategic Planning at Gold Fields and more recently Managing Director of Prodigy Gold (NT) and then Odyssey Gold (WA). I am an active member of the AMEC Mining Legislation, Aboriginal Affairs and JORC committees. 

AMEC Council needs strong representation from explorers and developers.  

Leading junior explorers, and as an AMEC member the last 7 years, I am keenly aware of the increasing delays and cost of land access, environmental and heritage permitting, and the duplication of federal and state regulation and governance regimes better suited to large companies.  

As an AMEC Councillor for the last 4 years, I will continue to not just be in the room, but to use my experience across all aspects of mining and exploration to speak up about policies and regulation that impede the success of our industry and how AMEC can advocate to allow us to get on the ground while it supports the industry to improve our practices. 

Shannon McMahon

Director and Co-Owner
Representing Corazon Mining

I grew up in the mining industry, working at one of the first tenement management agencies. In 2003, I established MMTS, which has since grown to be a leading land management agency in Australia.

With over two decades of experience in mining land management, I have considerable knowledge of the industry, and of mining legislation and policy. I provide advice on high-level land management strategy and all aspects of mining title compliance in all jurisdictions of Australia.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the mining industry. I have been a Councillor of AMEC for over a decade and the chair of AMEC’s Mining Legislation Committee. In that time I have provided essential assistance to the AMEC team so that they can succeed in their policy goals. This has included work in support of the Heritage Assistance Programme that will provide close to $5 million per year in rebates to the Junior Mining sector.

Sharon Goddard

General Manager
Gold Road Resources

Hi, I’m Sharon Goddard, General Manager – Social Performance & External Relations at Gold Road Resources. My responsibilities at Gold Road are diverse and include managing various corporate aspects, encompassing sustainability, engaging with stakeholders, fostering community relations, handling external affairs, addressing native title matters, and overseeing day-to-day operations. 

As an AMEC Council member and Vice President, I take immense pride in supporting the mining industry. My active involvement in AMEC committees and working groups allows me to champion policies and advocate for industry perspectives. With over 25 years of experience in mining, agribusiness, and legal, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. My unwavering passion for the industry drives me to contribute to the success of the Council and its members. Together, we strive for a sustainable and prosperous future for mining. 

Tim Wither

Managing Director
Maximus Resources Limited

Tim is a seasoned mining professional with 25+ years’ experience, of operational and senior executive roles, both domestically and internationally. Currently, Tim is the Managing Director of Maximus Resources Limited who are a gold and lithium explorer/developer in Kambalda, Western Australia.

Having key involvement in the development and management of numerous diverse greenfield projects, equips Tim to understand the challenges AMEC members face, in the management of all stakeholders and the increasing regulatory environment we face today to maintain our social licence to operate.

Tim actively contributes to various industry advocacy agencies to help advance and gain more government support for the exploration and mining sector. His experience and commitment to the industry, make him a valuable AMEC Council candidate to support junior mining companies.

Vincent Algar

Tennant Minerals

I am a geologist with 33 years of experience in the mining industry. I’ve been involved in all aspects of mining operations, exploration, and project feasibility. Since 2007, I’ve held corporate roles in ASX listed junior mineral resource companies, serving both as Managing Director/CEO and in non-executive Director roles. Most recently with Australian Vanadium and now Tennant Minerals.

My technical expertise lies in geology, geometallurgy, and mine planning, with a background in consultancy and senior-level roles in companies in the mining and exploration sector in South Africa and Western Australia.

Recently, I’ve stayed abreast of developments in critical minerals and renewable energy, including government interactions, grants, R&D, and engagement.

I have been in AMEC member companies since 2008, and a current AMEC Council member for the last three years. 

William (Bill) Witham

Managing Director
Pinnacle Minerals Ltd

I am passionate about supporting and gaining recognition for the critical role of exploration. As a member of AMEC, I aspire to use my expertise from my last 30 plus years’ experience shaping industry standards (three years at CMEWA), promoting technological innovation (10 years in airborne geophysics at Aerodata/World Geoscience/Fugro), and as an exploration geologist, starting a number of successful exploration companies, including most recently Electrostate, which sold the Yinnietharra Lithium Project to Delta Lithium. 

I also hold a deep-seated dedication to environmental stewardship and empowering regional and remote communities, which aligns seamlessly with AMEC’s vision.  

Overall, I want to work with the great team at AMEC to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for our great industry.