AMEC Events

AMEC runs a wide range of events across Australia each year for the benefit of the industry and our members. Key annual events include the AMEC Awards Dinner and the AMEC Golf day. In addition to these AMEC organises a number of seminars, investor briefings and exclusive member-only events such as sundowners, boardroom lunches, seminars, and information briefings.

You can register for these events through our website. Member-only events are not publicly advertised so please contact AMEC for more information. AMEC members will receive invitations to all AMEC events.

Sundowners and Networking Events

AMEC runs a number of Sundowners and Networking events regularly throughout the year in each state. They are an opportunity for our members to catch-up on what is happening around the industry. The functions generally include a brief presentation from an industry representative.

Boardroom Lunches

Throughout the year AMEC hosts a series of boardroom lunches for members with government ministers and key decision makers attending, giving members a chance to discuss policy. These are invitation only for AMEC Members.

Webinars, workshops and seminars

These events feature presentations from mining companies, consultants and government representatives on specific industry topics. They can be half or full day events and are open to members and non-members.