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Changes to Annual Report Release Policy (Sunset Clause)  

AMEC has provided a submission for the public consultation on the Annual report release policy (previously known as ‘sunset clause’) to clarify when making data and reports from current live tenure public. The key changes proposed include the release of exploration reports for ‘flow on’ mining tenure, release of baseline coal geological data (but not the reports) and release of annual reports for Group 8 (geothermal), Group 11 (uranium) and Group 12 (hydrogen and non-metals). AMEC continues to liaise with the Department.

NSW Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy 

AMEC has been calling on the NSW Government to deliver a clear strategy for delivering on the State’s critical minerals potential. In 2023, AMEC made a submission and met with the NSW Government to ensure the new NSW Critical Minerals Strategy enhanced mineral exploration and supported the development of assets

Under the finalised Strategy the NSW Government published on 29 November 2023, the Strategy will: 

  • Establish Australia’s first Critical Minerals Hub in the Central West 
  • Promote exploration for critical minerals resources 
  • Activate the industry through proactive development of supply chains 
  • Attract investment for critical minerals resources, downstream processing and recycling 

Co-existence and Competing Land Use in NSW  

AMEC has recently written to the Minister to follow-up on our recent submission on competing land use. Ensuring mineral exploration has a viable and cost-effective manner to access land in NSW. AMEC has been calling for a multiple land use framework in NSW. Such a framework will enable government, community and industry to effectively and efficiently meet land access and use challenges, expectations and opportunities by clearly delineating a framework and principles for shared use.

Rehabilitation Security Deposits Advocacy 

Following recent discussions with members at our NSW Advisory Committee meeting, AMEC has initiated and drafted a submission to NSW Minister and Government with recommendations to improve the rehabilitation security deposit and bonding framework in NSW. Nationally, several jurisdictions including WA and the NT have embraced differing financial assurance methodologies that both meet the need for environmental outcomes but create a lower administrative and cost burden for Government and industry alike.

‘Current and potential impacts of gold, silver, lead and zinc mining on human health, land, air and water quality in New South Wales’ 

The report on the recent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry titled ‘Current and potential impacts of gold, silver, lead and zinc mining on human health, land, air and water quality in New South Wales’ chaired by Dr Cohn MLC was released in December 2023. The NSW Government is anticipated to release a position on the report before Easter. AMEC presented to the Inquiry and provided a submission.