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Mineral Royalties Act 2024

The Mineral Royalties Act 2024 will commence on 1 July 2024. AMEC advocated strongly to the Northern Territory Government that the royalty for gold doré should be set at 2.5% down from the 3.5% they have stuck to. AMEC has been advocating for many years to see the Northern Territory Government move away from a profit-based royalty system to an ad valorem scheme. This is a positive move for the mining and mineral exploration industry and should bring more certainty and clarity to the royalty system.

Environmental Regulation of Mining (risk criteria and standard conditions)

The Environment Protection Legislation Amendment Act 2023 passed late in November last year and the new laws will commence on 1 July 2024 and apply to all mining activities including exploration and extraction. 

Since November 2023, AMEC has been consulting with the DEPWS regarding how the Government will implement standardised risk assessments to standardise broad environmental outcomes. The majority of mineral exploration activities would incur the same conditions, so this step toward standardisation is an obvious streamlining that will lead to clear expectations across the industry.

The risk criteria and standard conditions are currently in their final stages of consultation until 17 July 2024. For more visit Regulation of Mining on the NT Have Your Say website.

Mineral Titles Act and Regulations Discussion Paper

Previously consulted on back in 2015, the Northern Territory Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (DITT) is considering reforms to the Minerals Titles Act that could streamline the operation of the Act. These reforms have finally been released for public consultation as of 18 June 2024 and are open until Tuesday 13 August 2024. 

Significant proposed amendments will address:

  • Conversion of non-compliant existing interests
  • Newly proposed mineral titles categories to support greater engagement
  • Clearer and more streamlined and stringent reporting requirements
  • Incentives to encourage increased activity on exploration licences and mineral leases
  • Additional initiatives to encourage meaningful activity and progress towards development of the resource
  • Increase operational flexibility for extractive mineral title holders
  • More flexibility for mineral title holders in tenure management.

AMEC will coordinate a time for a briefing with DITT and our Northern Territory members. For more visit Minerals Titles Discussion Paper on the NT Have Your Say website.

Dewatering Licences

AMEC hosted a briefing from the Northern Territory Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security (DEPWS) on how the Territory will regulate dewatering from mining activities. The definition that was decided on is: Dewatering is the activity of taking water necessary to maintain access, serviceability and/or safe operating conditions below ground level or involves the activity of intercepting contaminated seepage and groundwater plumes for the purpose of controlling pollution

The Government is seeking to regulate dewatering under the NT Environmental Protection Act as a drive to simplify regulation for mining operators and regulators to create a streamlined single view.

NT Policy Platform

The Northern Territory election is approaching and will occur on 24 August 2024. AMEC has shared its Policy Platform with a range of stakeholders and is seeking meetings to discuss further.

To read AMEC’s NT Policy Platform visit NT Election Platform 2024