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Mineral and Energy Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 (MEROLA)

Feedback is being sought by the Queensland Government on the MEROLA 2024 Bill. The bill covers:

  1. enhance the State’s coexistence framework;
  2. provide a framework for managing the impacts of coal seam gas induced subsidence;
  3. improve regulatory efficiency; and
  4. modernise the Financial Provisioning Scheme

AMEC has provided feedback so far on the coexistence framework and modernising the Financial Provisioning Scheme. We are reviewing the bill’s content to see how much of the feedback has been considered and included. The ‘improve regulatory efficiency’ is an unexpected element that we are reviewing for impacts to members.

To assist with stakeholder feedback on the coexistence framework – AMEC is hosting a workshop in Mount Isa on 7 May – register here

Collaborative Development Plan

The Department of Resources launched the Collaborative Development Plan last week which provides $5 million in funding for companies seeking to assess and find ways to extract value from residual materials left behind after the primary phases of mining and minerals processing. This is a great outcome for the industry and something AMEC has been advocating for strongly over the past few years. The opportunity for secondary processing has been under supported and this initiative starts to recognise this immense opportunity. The program will run as a single round and remain open until the end of June 2027, or until funds are exhausted. Find out more about the program here

Cover system trials and monitoring

The Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner (OQMRC) are currently scoping a project on cover system trials and covers monitoring. The success or otherwise of cover systems in mine rehabilitation has been and continues to be a hotly contested area. They would like to better understand how trials and monitoring practices can better contribute to successful cover systems. This project aims to investigate the relative success and failures of cover trials and covers monitoring to better understand what leading practice in this area looks like.

OQMRC is keen to hear from stakeholders on any views on the current and future work in relation to cover trials and covers monitoring.

Please get in touch with Sarah or Amy if you are interested in providing input.

Gulf Stakeholder Advisory Group and GULF Water Plan

The Gulf Regional Water Assessment (RWA) was announced in March and the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and Working Group (WG) are being set up. AMEC will participate and provide feedback that helps identify all potential water supply options. The RWA process identifies the most viable options for detailed assessment and eventually the highest priority projects for further investment. AMEC will ensure member interests are considered and assessed.