In the last Explorer, we announced that the AMEC Queensland Policy Platform had been endorsed by the QLD Advisory Committee at their February meeting. The platform is now live on AMEC’s website and has been provided to all relevant Queensland Members of Parliament from both sides of politics, as well as key government officials with the offer of a meeting.  

In the lead up to the Qld budget, which will be announced on 13 June, as well as the World Mining Congress from 26-29 June, AMEC is being called upon as a key stakeholder to inform many government processes, such as a proposed QLD Critical Minerals Strategy / Action Plan and a proposed resources workforce and skills plan. AMEC remains optimistic that we might have some good news to share with members as we advocate strongly for the proposals captured in the policy platform.

On 21 March, AMEC QLD held an SSE Safety and WHS in Exploration seminar. The seminar provided an opportunity for Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) to brief members on issues including the roles and responsibilities of the Commissioner versus the regulator, SSE requirements, dust hazards and respiratory health check requirements.  

At the AMEC seminar, and then at the RSHQ Industry Leaders Briefing in Mackay on 24 March, it was iterated that exploration is a key priority for the regulator this year. RSHQ have shared that the lack of data, particularly incident reporting and dust monitoring, is a concern. AMEC is considering how this can be improved. Data will be critical going forward, as RSHQ have committed to review the Exploration Safety Guidance.

Still focussed on safety and the Commissioner has advised that in June, RSHQ will be releasing a safety survey to the mining industry which will include exploration questions. The Commissioner is very keen to hear from members to better understand the growing sector of junior operators in Qld. AMEC will circulate information when the survey is live and encourage members to participate.

In addition to some webinars we will be hosting with RSHQ, there are other safety events happening which may help statutory position holders, especially those looking to get some CPD hours up. These are:

March also saw the Queensland Parliament pass the Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022. AMEC made a number of submissions during the fraught consultation process, but it is evident the needs of industry, not just resources but many, were not considered. AMEC will work as a stakeholder with DES (Department of Environment & Science) to ensure the provisions in the Bill are implemented in a more industry focussed way. Read our response to the Bill here. It is recommended that members are across the possible impacts on their operations. Some easy analysis of the Bill’s impacts can be found in these links:

In April, AMEC sponsored the MITEZ Vanadium Meeting held over two days in Julia Creek and Richmond. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many stakeholders, such as Senator Susan McDonald and members including Currie Rose, QEM, Multicom Resources, Richmond Vanadium Technology and VECCO. The two days helped build understanding of the opportunity vanadium holds for the local communities and state, and brought into focus the challenges being faced and options for overcoming them. A great trip all up!   

AMEC has made the following submissions on behalf of member companies:  

To learn more please contact Sarah Gooley on 0455 743 329.

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