Queensland Government Support 

The AMEC Queensland Advisory Committee met in November and received briefings on two government programs aimed at supporting the sector: 

  • QLD Critical Minerals Battery and Technology Fund: This fund aims to support businesses across the critical minerals supply chain in Queensland, from mining stage to the development of processing facilities and/or infrastructure. 

  • Accelerated Projects Program, North West Minerals Province: Under this program up to $30 million in funding will be available to accelerate the development of resource projects in the North West Minerals Province. The details of this program are still under development and further information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Management of respirable dust in Queensland mineral mines and quarries 

AMEC has been working with Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) to improve understanding of the requirements for managing respirable dust in mineral mines and quarries. This issue has become more concerning after significant safety concerns emerged in relation to dust from engineered stone.  

A round table was held with RSHQ, the Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA), AMEC and two of our member companies to discuss challenges in this area. The round table identified the following as priority areas for action: 

  • Improving the availability of information and resources. 

  • Conducting regional workshops (AMEC and ADIA are to propose appropriate timing and locations). 

  • Undertaking a pilot project to improve the availability of data, demonstrate good practice and identify challenges. 

One of the main issues RSHQ raised is the lack of monitoring data being reported, and AMEC is seeking member companies interested in participating in the pilot as part of industry efforts to improve the availability of data. 

Proposed Greenhouse Gas Guideline  

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is developing a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Guideline that aims to set minimum expectations for information provided with Environmental Authority (EA) applications in relation to GHG emissions.  

DES has indicated that the information provided under the GHG Guideline will help the department meet its legislative obligation to fully consider the potential impacts of an activity. It will also facilitate rigorous, defensible EA decisions, noting that recent Land Court decisions have confirmed that GHG emissions should be considered as part of an EA assessment.  

The purpose of the proposed GHG Guideline is to provide consistency in GHG assessments at the State level and will apply only to new and expanded applications; it is not intended that the State requirements duplicate Commonwealth requirements.  

AMEC is providing input into the early discussions regarding the guideline and will consult further with members as development of the guideline progresses. 

Proposed legislative changes for mining claims 

As part of its implementation of the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (QRIDP), the Queensland Government is proposing legislative changes in relation to mining claims. These changes include: 

  • More effective regulation, including fees and charges, application requirements and the term of a mining claim. 

  • Supporting genuine operations, including greater clarity in relation to regulatory requirements, providing evidence of mining activity and improving coexistence with landholders. 

  • Addressing non-compliance, including enhanced compliance capabilities and promoting site clean-up.  

Further consultation will be undertaken on the maximum penalty unit for infringements and transitional arrangements.  

Coexistence and land access

As a further part of its efforts to implement the QRIDP, the Queensland Government is also undertaking consultation on coexistence institutions and CSG-induced subsidence management framework 

AMEC has used this consultation process as an opportunity to reiterate member concerns regarding the current land access framework and propose reforms that would improve the operation of these arrangements. 

AMEC has made the following submissions on behalf of member companies:  

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